August 10, 2020 - 6pm PST

Heavy Hitters August: Tara Hardy

Tara Hardy is the working class, Queer, Femme, Disabled poet and founder of Bent, a writing institute for LGBTQ+ People in Seattle. She is a daughter of the United Auto Workers and has worked in social justice movements most of her life. Currently, she teaches for University Beyond Bars, Hugo House, and The Evergreen State College. Tara is the author of two books by Write Bloody Publishing, her second book, My, My, My, My, My, won a Washington State Book Award.


Interrupting Internal Sabotage

Have you ever sabotaged yourself as a writer? Why do writers get in our own way? Given that there are plenty of external barriers to achieving our aspirations, why would our own actions/inactions ever collude with them? This workshop will unpack these questions, dig into the why’s, and build strategies for getting around roadblocks. Each writer will leave with a personal plan for blowing through barriers, both external and internal, so that we might realize our true aspirations as writers.



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