June 27, 2020 - 6pm PST

Heavy Hitters June: Sabrina Benaim

Sabrina Benaim is a 32 year old poet, storyteller, and workshop facilitator. She is one of the most-viewed spoken word poets of all time & is the author of the best-selling collection of poetry, Depression and Other Magic Tricks. Her videos have reached over 100 million people. Sabrina has toured Australia, The UK, Canada & The USA with her live shows, which are poetry readings gone electric. While the subject matter can veer into difficult territory, it is with truth & from experience that Sabrina is able to navigate through her mental illness journey with a wild sense of humour and frank discussion to leave her audience feeling comforted and uplifted. She has been a guest on CBC’s q with Tom Power, has written for SONY, ESPNW, and made her television debut writing & voicing a National Commercial for the 2016 Olympics. Sabrina believes in breaking down stigma around mental illness, women helping women, and ghosts. She will accept any invitation to dance.



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