June 30, 2020 - 6pm PST

Heavy Hitters June: Beau Sia

Beau Sia is a Tony Award-winning poet, featured on all seasons of HBO’s Def Poetry, and is the author of Well Played. Through his poetry, he explores the possibility of metaphor beyond the poem. Through his poems, he expresses the potential of metaphor to develop out of hurt, rise from being bound to role, and to teach purpose more potent than power.


All White: Navigating Spaces Never Meant For You

How do we teach the game without misleading the players? How do we engage the game without having to rationalize our participation? How do we share our story in a game that will always seek to diminish it to the bottom line? In this workshop, through eras of my own poetry, I will address how I navigated the spaces, institutions, audiences, poets, and producers that tried to place me where I could not remain. I will shed light on my challenges, their limitations, and the concepts I learned that saved me from solely living in reaction to supremacy's illusions.



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